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Susan Sestak Visits CWEP

September 7, 2010

Susan Sestak (left) and Alexis Brown, Executive Director (right)

On Tuesday, August 31st, Susan Sestak, wife of Representative Joe Sestak, visited Community Women’s Education Project to speak with staff and students about her husband’s platform. Since Joe Sestak has been in office, Pennsylvania has seen the greatest increase in federal student aid since the time of the GI Bill. He voted to raise the education budget by $1.3 billion to improve our schools as well. Susan spent a good amount of time listening to students’ stories in order to understand some of the obstacles that adult learners face in Pennsylvania and offered great answers to staff’s questions about Joe’s platform.


Philadelphia University PLUNGE

August 24, 2010

Heather Goldsmith and Plunge Volunteers

Heather Goldsmith, Beth Lazer, and PLUNGE Volunteers

On August 20th, some of Philadelphia University’s rising freshman came to CWEP to commit to 3 hours of community service. In an effort to inform the public about CWEP’s 2010 community event, Building Communities, the students participated in a flyer distribution around Kensington. Building Communities will take place on September 11th at CWEP, from 12 PM- 4 PM. The event will serve as a community resource event as well as a fundraising campaign launch for two new Workforce Development Projects.

New Benches at CWEP

August 20, 2010

Students and Staff from Kensington High School

New Bench Outside CWEP

Bringing in the Benches!

New Kensington CDC, along with students from Kensington High School, came together to donate 4 benches to the corner of Frankford and Somerset. Not only were the benches donated, but all four were hand painted by the students. As soon as the benches arrived, community members stepped out onto the streets, many with brooms in hand, ready to sweep away some of the litter on Frankford and Somerset. The benches will bring comfort to Kensington Residents who never had a bench at the Septa Stop in front of CWEP.

CWEP’s Kids Bike Donation

August 18, 2010

On August 18, 2010, Anne Robertson, president of FMA Resources, donated bikes to CWEP’s Kids. CWEP’s Kids has 32 children, and not enough recreational toys to occupy all of them. But thanks to Anne and others like her, CWEP can provide a more enriching environment for its Kids.

Workforce Development

August 5, 2010

With the encouragement of our Career Coach, Loretta Evans, CWEP was able to attract the talent of John Leon, an aspiring designer, and student at CWEP.

Ms. Evans has been an inspiration to not just John, but all of her students. Enrollment numbers only continue to increase as students become more and more drawn to her warm and inspiring personality.


July 23, 2010

On July 22nd, Loretta Evans, Career Coach and Job Counselor, & Heather Goldsmith, Development Coordinator, visited Philadelphia Automotive Training School (PATS). In January 2010, PATS developed a partnership with Community Women’s Educational Program (CWEP) in order to enhance the quality of the Electronics and Automation aspect of the training school.

Brotherhood of Huntingdon Community Event

July 17, 2010

On July 17th, CWEP attended The Brotherhood Of Huntingdon’s fourth annual Health Fair and Stopping the Violence Campaign. CWEP got involved when Heather Goldsmith asked to volunteer, and The Brotherhood asked CWEP to come to the event as a vendor. It may have been hot, but that didn’t stop the community at 17th and Huntingdon from coming out to have a good time. This year the event hosted Amateur Boxing sanction by USA Boxing, Basketball Tournament, a Talent Show, and a host of Health Care and Education exhibitions. CWEP was able to reach out to some interested patrons, meet Senator Kitchen, The Brotherhood of Huntingdon Street, and many other worthy organizations.